Steps in Doing a Tile Enhancer Sealer for Travertine in Australia

Steps in Doing a Tile Enhancer Sealer for Travertine in Australia

Applying an enhancer sealer beautifies your property’s tiles. In the long run, attractive tiles add value to your home or commercial space. You must master a series of steps involved in the tile sealer application to succeed in completing the task. Refer to the following guide on how to do a tile enhancer sealer for travertine:

  • Take off the wax coating 

If your travertine tiles are covered with wax, use a wax remover to take them off. Use a non-acidic wax remover to take the wax off. Do so prior to applying tile sealer on your tiles. 

  • Use a sponge, brush, paint pad, cotton towel, or sprayer to apply the sealer  

If a sealer has not seeped through within the stone tiles in 5 minutes’ time, then it should be safe to remove it. You can use an absorbent paper or micro-fiber towel in taking off the tile sealer

  • Let the sealer dry up 

Allow a minimum of 30 minutes for the sealer to dry in between two or more instances of the application. After you’ve applied the final sealer application, allow two to three hours for it to dry. 

Find out if the sealer has dried after this time frame has elapsed by applying droplets of water on travertine tiles. If you’ve seen that water doesn’t seep through the tiles, you’ve successfully applied the travertine tile sealer on your tiles. 

You can walk on the tiles after two hours since you’ve applied the enhancer sealer. But, to be safe, don’t come into contact with your travertine floor tiles for at least twelve to twenty-four hours after you’ve applied the final tile enhancer sealer travertine application. 

  • Clean your travertine tiles 

Get rid of dirt and other harsh elements from your travertine tiles when it’s already completely dried up. Afterwards, use the brush attachment of a vacuum machine to do additional cleaning on your tiles. 

To make sure your tiles have no other unwanted elements, apply a neutral cleanser on your tiles. For the final touch, use a cotton or microfiber cloth to dry your travertine after you’ve cleaned it. 

  • Means to maintain the upkeep of your enhancer sealer 

Cleanse the sealed travertine with warm water and a neutral solution on a regular basis. Travertine can still be stained even after it’s been sealed. So, avoid spilling acidic elements on your tiles. Do a tile enhancer sealer once a year or every two years. 

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