Leaking Shower DIY Tips Before Calling Professional Help

Leaking Shower DIY Tips Before Calling Professional Help

If you’re planning to fix a leaking shower by yourself and afraid to be doing so, then you’ve stumbled to the right article. We will be discussing some tips and pointers to make it easier for you to repair a leaking shower that can lead to more complicated problems when left unchecked.

Remember to only do this if professional shower repairs in Sydney aren’t available or will take some time to get to your location. Otherwise, stay put and follow their instructions. Only do these tips when necessary.

Check the Showerhead

Before you fix a leaking shower and unscrew things all by yourself inside the bathroom, make sure that you have turned off the main water power supply to avoid any more leakage and big water loss.

Grab some tools to fix a leaking shower and carefully inspect the interior and exterior of the shower head. Check if the showerhead is worn out or if there is some unwanted debris that has been stuck around. The holes should also be unclogged, and while you’re at it, do some effort to clean the holes to ensure that no dirt and bacteria are reaching your body.

Showerheads that are worn out are most definitely the reason why a leak is happening. These aren’t that expensive so if you can, drive to your nearest hardware store, or if you have the patience, order one online. They’re very easy to mount and within just a couple of minutes, you’ll have your bathroom running again.

Pipes Should Be Checked Regularly

The majority of the cause of shower leakage is simply because of a dysfunctional pipe. Most of which are because of debris and unclean conditions. There are also some cases where pipes are simply disconnected from the main source and instead of leakage, you’re experiencing water loss.

Carefully check the pipes starting from the main source and make the exterior a priority. See if there are any holes and if you can feel water coming out, even from small ones. If you can’t find anything, then definitely the problem is on the inside. In times like this, a professional plumber’s help is thoroughly needed and you can’t do anything by yourself to salvage everything safely. You’ve done your part by figuring out the problem and now all you have to do is wait for professional shower leaking repairs. 

Shower Valves

The valves that connect the pipes and the showerhead may also be the culprit. Unlike the pipes, this one can easily be cleaned by yourself.

Once you have figured out how to get them out, make sure that you clean everything thoroughly and as always, remove any debris that might be blocking the water flow. As much as possible, use cleaning agents, artificial or natural ones are okay.

If a leaking shower persists. Hire a repairman. Check out http://eliteshowerrepairs.com.au/

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