The Benefits of Having Canines Trained Like Police Dogs

The Benefits of Having Canines Trained Like Police Dogs

Did you know that since the Middle Ages, dogs have already been used in keeping peace and order in villages, especially in hunting outlaws?  While the history of K9 training (with K9 being a pun for canine) has no clear beginnings, dogs have certainly played vital roles in various aspects of human life: from shepherding animals, retrieving game during hunts, to sniffing illegal substances in airports and borders. Dogs belong to a list of very intelligent animals and they are very trainable especially when started at a young age. Obedience training was introduced by the American Kennel Club in 1935 and later caught on by the public after seeing the advantages of having a trained dog.

In Sydney, police dog training has been around since 1932, the year when the Police Dog Squad was established. They have already been involved in various police operations like search and rescue efforts. Currently, the K9 Squad has 14 police dogs and handlers. But training dogs are not limited to police forces alone. In fact, it is a common practice nowadays to enroll your puppy at a young age at a dog training school. Even regular dog owners can benefit from this kind of training that police dogs have. Here are some: 

Basic Obedience Training

It’s not hard to notice how well-behaved police dogs are. They seem to follow every command without question. And yet, you look at your own dog and she is worse than a spoiled brat! Well, dog behaviors are molded by their owners. They are a reflection of how you relate to them as the owner. That is why K9 training is worth your money and effort because you are helping your dog unlock its best potential.

Training for Emergency Situations 

Dogs are not just companions or guardians of your home. Certain dog breeds can do more than what you think. There are places that have dog obedience training in Sydney focused on saving and protecting lives. Believe it or not, there are countless verified stories online that share how dogs have saved their owners form certain danger. Their heightened senses can be trained for medical emergencies. Their agility can help prevent accidents or even life-threatening situations.

Dogs for Therapy

More recently, dogs are taking on new roles as well when it comes to the mental health and wellness of humans. They can now be trained as therapy dogs, helping relieve anxiety and other stresses experienced by their owners. This is more specialized K9 training but it simply proves it is not impossible to train dogs in doing really fantastic things.

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