Valuable Health and Fitness Tips for Men Over Fifty Years Old

Hitting fifty years is a real bonus and rare achievement in the world where millions who are young die on a daily basis. The last time I checked it meant that one is half a century old. Health and fitness experts have been explaining how small steps can help half century old men keep fit and stay with youthful looks. There are numerous fitness tips for men over 50 years old. By keeping healthy and fit, one doesn’t only keep ill health away but also enjoy life’s little goodies that are destined for healthy people. Here are health and fitness tips to help over fifty’s maintain a healthy life as they take laps to decades ahead.

Maintain a healthy diet
As one age, there is an increased risk of hypertension, stroke, heart disease, various types of cancer among other chronic conditions. Action needs to be taken to reduce the danger posed by these illnesses. Maintaining a balanced diet is the first and most important way to stay healthy and to keep off such diseases. A balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and water can significantly reduce the risk of these illnesses. At the same time, it’s advisable to drop processed soft drinks with nitrate ingredients that recent credible studies have linked to heart attack, stroke, and colorectal cancer.

Physical Exercise
male_fitnessPhysical exercise helps in not only maintaining desired weight but also greatly reduce the risk of acquiring numerous diseases and adverse health conditions thus improving the overall quality of life. Regular moderate to intense physical exercise can help lower one’s blood pressure, prevent heart-related problems, stroke, obesity back pain, depression, anxiety, and stress. There are many forms of physical exercise that 50 year old men can still indulge in. These include biking, running, dancing, household chores, gardening, playing with kids or pets, taking a walk in the neighborhood and many more. Any physical exercise that can make your heart beats faster than normal approximately a hundred and fifty times a week is acceptable.

Having enough sleep daily
Quality sleep that is achieved by several hours of deep sleep is primarily seen as the baseline for fitness and good health at any age, but more specifically in midlife and years, that follow. Inadequate sleep puts one at a greater risk of cognitive decline. Less or inadequate sleep especially at fifty and advanced years makes it harder for someone to maintain a healthy weight. Inadequate sleep also puts one at a greater risk of depression, heightening chances of heart attack, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes. It also makes it hard for one to cope with arthritis and back pain. The bedtime routine should be maintained to ensure quality sleep and subsequently good health at fifty and over.

Re-evaluate and expand the checkup list
Normally it’s important to be medically checked for blood pressure, body mass index, blood sugar level to stay on top of cholesterol. But as one hits fifty, this list needs to be expanded to include critical tests like skin exam to detect skin cancer at an early stage. In addition, one should also be tested for prostate cancer, hepatitis C, sexually transmitted diseases and vitamin B12 deficiency. Earlier detection of most these diseases and health condition ensures necessary preventative and treatment measures at an early stage.

There is still much to be done at fifty and maintaining good health and fitness is equally important. Most organizations are run by our brothers who are fifty and thus, these fitness tips for men over 50 years old can be immensely valuable for this age bracket.

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