Useful Information on Preventing Prostrate Cancer and Taking Care of The Sufferers

Medical science has grown in leaps and bounds in the recent years where astounding discoveries have been made over years to guarantee long life. As life threatening diseases multiply, lifesaving treatment facilities too are in abundance. Doctors have crossed their barriers and have turned into care managers with the use of media and social platform to educate and create awareness related to prevention and care management of dreadful diseases like cancer, stroke, heart attack etc. One such alarming disease that is the second most common cause of death in men across the globe is the prostate gland cancer and how to prevent prostate cancer is the current hot topic among medical practitioners. Well, good food, proper screening and healthy lifestyle can prevent a healthy man from becoming vulnerable to prostate cancer.

how_to_prevent_prostatecancerPreventive Guidelines

Every Primary health care doctor is equipped with the knowledge of screening prostate cancer. A Cancer journal for Clinicians has published guidelines that will guarantee an improvement in life, reduce the risk of cancer in a healthy individuals and also survivors. The list includes:

· Achieving and maintaining healthy weight by getting into more physical activity and avoiding fatty food. Obesity increases the risk of many diseases including cancer. If you can manage 3 hours of physical activity per week after consulting with family physician that does wonder to body metabolism and endocrine glands activity level.

· Consuming a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, fruits and low in saturated fats with adequate calcium and Vitamin D. Vegan foods, green tea etc that are rich in anti-oxidants reduces the risk of this disease. It has been documented that including fish in diet and excluding dairy products from diet has also helped to stay away from cancer.

· Avoiding tobacco, nicotine drugs, and alcohol to the maximum extent is a great way for you to prevent prostate cancer.

· A regular screening for prostate cancer every year. If you can notice symptoms like pain, swelling near genitals, blood in urine or rectal bleeding you should consult the doctor for further tests.

· Attending awareness camps organized by specialist will help to get thorough knowledge about the facts related to the disease helps one to avoid unnecessary fear of treatment and stay away from the myths and blind belief.

Surgical Management

Plenty of surgical treatments are presently available to cure you for a lifetime. After surgery, radiation therapy helps the survivor to completely nullify the incidence of cancer from their body. Rehabilitation process is a long process, but primary caremanagers and specialists are available to support, nurture and bring the diseased person out of stress and pain soon with many novel techniques. Many cancer care centers have devised survivorship support programs that help the recovering patient to fight cancer easily with the assistance of near and dear.

Care management is a vastly growing faculty in many Cancer treatment centers across the globe. They work 24/7 to provide clinical support throughout the screening, consultation, treatment and recovery process. Nurses who have oncology expertise act as the care manager who communicate with doctors and act as a guardian for the patient. As prevention is better than cure, these responsible community helpers are successfully educating men on how to prevent prostate cancer Every Care manager propagates the simple message of Eat and stay healthy along with screening test’ to save men from facing the wrath of prostate cancer.

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