Top 5 Health Concerns for Men

Although some are more prevalent than the others, men have to be concerned about many health problems as they grow older. In this article, we will have a look at some of the top health risks for men.

1. Cardiovascular Health

Heart problems, which come in several forms, can result in severe, fatal problems if left undetected. According to the American Heart Association over 1 in 4 men have some sort of heart problems. As compared to white males, black males account for much more heart disease mortality cases.

SPH-F003-12932. COPD and other Respiratory Conditions

A harmless “smoker’s cough” is usually the beginning of various respiratory conditions. As time passes, life-threatening ailments like lung cancer, emphysema, or COPD – all of which affect normal breathing might result from a cough.

These days, every year, more men are diagnosed with lung malignancy than earlier. In comparison with other racial or cultural groups, black males are at an elevated risk of perishing from the illness. Smoking continues to be the primary cause of lung cancer whilst exposure to work-related hazards like asbestos is surely an increased risk.

3. Weight gain

Guys become more secure in their careers after getting married. The problem? Lots of men stop exercising, quit good diet plan, and do not move as much as they used to. Excessive fat could affect your liver as well as kidneys, put stress on your heart plus joints, and can result in such complications as diabetes. Do not give up fitness and health even though you feel that it is no longer important. Strength workouts can help maintain muscle mass much longer, also staving off fat gain.

4. High cholesterol

Often known as “bad” cholesterol, high amounts of LDL cholesterol might double your possibility of heart disease. Cholesterol within the blood may also develop in the veins as well as arteries, producing plaque which limits blood circulation. Should they break loose, these plaques could be just as lethal as a loose blood clot. Men are more prone to have high LDL cholesterol as compared to women.

5. Diabetes

Diabetes is also one of the top health risks for men. The possibility of Type II diabetes becomes very high whenever a man turns 45. The likelihood of getting dependent on insulin increases with time if you have Type II diabetes already. As compared to younger guys, men above 40 have a substantially greater possibility of severe diabetic problems such as neuropathies, blindness, as well as kidney ailment. An excellent diet and physical exercise can control many instances of Type II diabetes. In any case, it is imperative to carefully monitor diabetes for the most effective risk control and management.

Read more about Diabetes Mellitus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diabetes_mellitus

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