When Family is Under Legal Battles – Family Law Experts Can Help

When family relationship breaks down, and legal problems make the situation worst, family members can turn to family lawyers to help them manage any legal impediment they’re in. Family law experts help the family address the legal problems by filing court petitions or by representing the family in court. Here’s how family lawyers help family in addressing any family legal battles.

During divorce or dissolution of marriage

familylaw3Family Law in Australia is created to help family in addressing legal problems involving family relations. Divorce or dissolution of marriage is a family relation problem that requires court decision. A family lawyer can help spouses understand the process for divorce and at the same time protect their rights in accordance with the provisions in the family Law. Spouses with the help of family lawyers can file divorce based on the grounds that best applies on their situation. When the other party filed a complaint, the other party must submit an answer to the court and a family lawyer can help file and submit an answer to the court where the complaint is filed. If the ground is abandonment, the state usually assigns public family solicitors to assist and guide divorcing couples the state’s procedure in ending the marriage.

Child custody

If the court has granted child custody and one parent violated the order, the court can punish the parent. A family lawyer who is an expert in Australia’s Family Law that protects the family and have provisions on child custody can help parents file complaint in the court and have the violating parent appears in the court. If the parent has violated a child custody order, the parent with the help of a family lawyer can explain to the court the reasons of the violation and help address the problem.

Unmarried father’s rights

Unmarried fathers enjoy parental rights over their biological children. While divorce is handled by divorce lawyers, an unmarried father can seek the legal expertise of a family lawyer to file court petition in having his name present on the child’s birth certificate and in order to be lawfully ordered for child support and for child’s visitation. The family lawyer is also trained and equipped in helping unmarried fathers achieve parental rights and guide them through establishing financial, custodial, and personal relationship with their child.

Family is protected by Australian laws and when the family has to address family legal battles; family lawyers are the best professionals to help them survive the situations and in peaceful and in most amicable reconciliation.

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