What Security are Supposed to be

Security is often a major concern when it comes to homes. This is the main reason why homeowners would rather have a custom security door made for their safety. This is especially handy if you are one of those who live in areas where burglary is a common thing. However, the question is what type of security door should you have your door manufacturer make for you?

secureview_kings2The safest of all types of security doors is the one made out of steel and supported by a steel grill. This is the perfect type of custom security door that is best at keeping burglars from breaking into your home and stealing your prized possessions. But the thing is that it is not just how it was made that should be considered. The main thing to consider here is if it passes standards. A security door is just an ordinary door if it does not achieve the AS5039-2008 Australian Standard.  Aside from this, the door must be supported with an AS5040 installation procedure that should go with a documented assurance that complies with these standards. Another thing to look out for is outward claims that some companies claim they have the best security doors to offer. Chances are they are not.

Now that the standards have been discussed slightly, the next important thing to do is to get the details of how a manufactured security can protect you. First of all is that a custom security door has to have a really sturdy frame made from steel, aluminum or a combination of both. These frames have to be filled with bars made from steel or other durable materials like aluminum slats or steel mesh.

Locks have to be made from five pins or anything comparable to it. In support of this, a three- lock system is the best as this is one lock that burglars find tough to crack. You also need to have dependable and durable hinges. Doors should be fixed with three hinges at the very least. And these are better fixed into a wall with a pin made out of steel.  Bigger pins provide better stability for the doors.

For those who want that custom-designed security door installed in their homes, a door with a secureview allows one to see if the person on the outside is a person they know or not.

It is true that a security door may mean than just being that – a door. Real security doors must be able to do what they are supposed to – and that is to secure both people and property.

Considering an added security and safety to your home with secured doors and windows provide peace of mind to every household, so never think twice to have it. Go for http://www.kingssecuritydoors.com.au/

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