Online advertising is Where the Gold Mine Is

The newest stats released by info graphics on effectiveness of online advertising are very encouraging especially to brands and industry publishers. It is reported that only 8% of internet users’ account to 85% clicks on display ads and only 4% of ad impressions were delivered outside the target audience. It goes to say that advertisers are encouraged to go bolder in tapping the vast opportunity of online advertising, and publishers in partnership with the best affiliate program can be very hopeful with their income-generating websites.

advertising2Google, a giant search engine posted multi-million revenue, and around 95% of this comes from online advertising. These numbers only show advertising products online is now one of the most effective ways of branding or brand lifts. The estimated online population is around 3,313,931, and still growing daily, and around 40% of world population are using the internet on a daily basis. This goes to say, internet is the most liquid market and the best platform to reach all geographical targets. And the numbers average in in-target rates are very encouraging with 64% in-target rate for travel ads, 42% for health and Wellness, 50% on cars and 42% on retail categories.

So what do these numbers mean to publishers and advertisers?

Advertisers today have a new platform for their brands. Publishers with the best affiliate program can turn their website into income-generating. The numbers are also creating excitement to advertisers as it reach a wide range of targets such as by age and gender.  Working with leading affiliate network like Affiliate Denmark, advertisers enjoy large campaign ads and financial leads opportunities. With the network, advertisers can expect increase in brand awareness and product exposure that end in generated sales.

On the other side of the road, publishers with the best affiliate program don’t need any expertise or selling skills to attract potential buyers. As long as their website is content-rich and have the ability to turn in volumes of visitors, their earning potential is secured by being an affiliate. They also have the option to choose the type of affiliate partner or merchant as long as their content is appropriate and hitting the right target. A publisher with gambling contents can join a casino affiliate and doesn’t have to worry of annoying its visitors with casino related banners ads on his site. And the best part is that publishers get the best support from the affiliate network to maximize the website’s advertising potentials.

All heads are now turning to internet and the market continues to increase its attractions from all business sides. And online advertising is leading the way in tapping the goldmine.

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