Buying Medicines Online in Australia? Here’s What You Need to Know

Getting your medicine without leaving your home is what makes buying medicines online very appealing. However, even buying ordinary pair of shoes over the internet has some risks, and the risks are greater when buying prescriptions, over the counter or complimentary medicines. This is because people are not sure if the online pharmacy is legit or being operated in Australia or from overseas, as only Australian operated pharmacy is governed by Australian health and food laws. Here’s what you need to know if you are considering or already doing your medicine shopping online.

You might be getting counterfeit medicines


Although buying counterfeit medicines is still isn’t a serious problem in Australia, there are reports of people getting counterfeit medical products, and mostly involved medicines for obesity, hair loss, and erectile dysfunction. Reports showed the products are purchased from overseas internet sites and none from any online pharmacy Australia. The danger of buying fake medicine is getting medicines that contain the wrong ingredients or having no active or too little or too much ingredients that is very dangerous to one’s health. Fake medicines don’t work and can cause nasty side effects or even death.

It is safer to use Australian websites

It is easy to get health information on the internet and this makes people turn to self-diagnosing. It is still safer to consult medical professionals for any medication to avoid adverse effects or any interaction with other medicines you’re taking. It is also best to get an online pharmacy that is Australia-based or real Australian websites. All online Australian websites dispense Australian medicinal products and do not substitute fake or inferior products. Most abide with the Australian Food and Drug Laws and get away from inferior copies. Most required Australian-issued prescription from licensed doctors and provide Australian address and phone numbers. It is also a regular to have a discount chemist or licensed pharmacist attending to consumers’ prescriptions. Most also don’t send unsolicited emails.  It is not common for these sites to offer miracle cures and any too –good- to- be- true breakthroughs. And, to offer full protection for consumers on all personal information.

It is very dangerous to buy medicines from an overseas pharmacy because most products are not approved by TGA for supply in Australia and many don’t meet the strict Australian standards for quality and safety. If you’re shopping online and thinking of including your medicines, make sure that you buy only from real Australian sites.

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