Basic Golf Kit: Prepping for Amateur Golf Competition

Golf is said to be the game of your lifetime – everyone who tried it loved it and those who do not like it probably have not tried it yet and should soon. Individuals who are planning to give amateur competitions a try should be well-prepared for it or you lose more than just your pride, expert golfers from golf clubs Australia advice.

amateur_golf1Everyone thinking about joining these competitions has practiced numerous times on the green. You have probably watched Tiger Woods’ swings, understand how the wind can affect the course of the ball while it is travelling on air, put in mind golf etiquette, and so many more.

Those are all vital, of course. But have you prepared your golf kit already? If your answer is no, read further. This is a list of the things that you should have in your pack (other than your clubs) from Golflink experts.

The Proper Golf Attire

Weather conditions during these competitions vary greatly. You could be walking miles under the scorching sun or getting all cold and wet because of a sudden blast of rain. And you should be comfortable in any weather.

While unofficial, there are unsaid rules in different golf clubs Australia about attires. Collared shirts are must-haves. Go for cotton because this is cool and comfy. Long pants with cut-pleats or V-notch that you can move in well are preferred over shorts. Go for baseball hats or visors to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Shoes and socks are more of your equipment than part of the clothing ensemble so make sure you choose these well.

The Other Essentials

Aside from your outfit, you should have a small bag where all the other things you need could fit in. Yes, these are must-haves while you are competing or you could lose, says golf clubs Australia pros.

To prevent dehydration, you should have water or electrolyte-filled water such as Gatorade. Energy bars are for nourishment as well as to keep you going. You must have pain killers, band-aids, bug spray, sun block and towel. Just in case it rains, have an umbrella and a rain jacket ready.

Have some ball markers and extra golf balls in that bag too and you’re pretty much ready to go.

Check out different golfing sites to see which Australian amateur golf competitions you could join this year or the next. Make sure you are physically fit for this sport, you have practiced well and you are completely equipped before signing up. Good luck!

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