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Summer tanning

Summer is the best time to show off those lovely curves and tan. Hence, if you’re a type of person who’s  too lazy to exercise or to lay under the sun and would rather do some cheats, there’s these spray tan machines that give natural tan that one can ever imagine. It’s the easiest way to perfect tan for the whole summer time without being exposed under the sun. spray tanYes, now you can get away from the tanning beds but still have the perfect tan you’ve been dying for. All you have to do is to set up under your shower head any of the available spray tanning machines in the market (make sure to choose the best brand and model) and submit yourself to a few minutes tanning spray. Make sure you wear the appropriate gears like a bikini, a shower cap, gloves and have a towel underneath (the shower floor can be slippery that’s why). Make sure to take turns for each beep to make sure you are covered up. Use the touch-up can for the hands and for other missed areas. If you don’t own a home-kit version of spray tan machines, there are salons and spas that offer spray tan booths. However, prepare pockets as most of these spa and salons are of higher-ends and charged expensively. But, why worry about money when you can be sure to get natural tan not the awkward orange colour? The mist used in spray tanning have chemical reactions on the skin resulting to physical changes in skin colour thus eliminating smear lines. The process produces color that is closest to tan. You can choose the type of mist to use to achieve the level of darkening you prefer. Once you’re satisfied with your new tan, it’s advisable to repeat the process every five days for maintenance. Since the top layer of the skin that is dyed will shed off, the tan wears off, too. To make your tan lasts longer, use moisturiser lotions to keep the top skin layers from peeling off quickly and choose water base for sensitive skin and oil based for dry skin. Getting natural tan with spray tan either at home or in salon’s spray tan booth is one easy cheat to get ready and sexy for the summer. And because tan is sexy and sexy means girlfriends, the more the cheating (you don’t have to go under the sun and all the tanning solutions) is all worth it.

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