Ride the Waves of Indonesia for the Best Surfing Break

Surfers who are in search for the perfect wave are mostly drawn to the waters of Indonesia for some nice experience. More and more enthusiasts come over to avail of surf charters in Java and other spots to enjoy the best surfing breaks available. Indonesia has more than one surf spot offering different levels of difficulties, so newbies and seasoned surfers alike can avail of an opportunity to perform at their best.

The consistent waves of Java

Depositphotos_2856890_s-2015Java has one of the most popular spots for surf enthusiasts with its flawless, perfect, and consistent waves. Surf charters in Java are usually directed either to Batu Karas or Grajagan. Batu Karas, with its mellow waves and sandy bottoms, are perfect for beginners who are not yet as adventurous. Grajagan or G-Land on the other hand, is preferred by more experienced ones who want some real adrenalin rush.

Surf charters in Java are perfect for budding learners. They offer not just consistently solid swells that will get you going without fail but also top notch surf schools that will help you advance in this water sport. As you go along, climbing up a skill level, Java will keep you well supplied with a challenge to match your capabilities.

The expensive waves of Sumatra

If you have a budget that can afford more than the low price of surf resorts in Java, you have another amazing option: Sumatra. It features a necklace of amazing islands with perfect, hallow, and fast waves. Those with an average to expert skills will enjoy their time here with over a metre-high waves and exclusive boat charters. Mentawai and Nias are the usual surfing destinations in Sumatra.

The world-class waves of Bali

Bali is the tourism centre of Indonesia. Why not? This paradise offers more than just world-class surf spots. When you book for surf charters in Bali, you will also be able to access the beautiful beaches, the vibrant night scene, and the scenic sights. That makes for a nice all-in-one package if you ask us.

Bali has many must-see attractions, which you may squeeze in between your trips riding its waves. This year-round tourist destination offers varying experiences that will surely etch lasting memories in your mind. The best time to go and to book for surf resorts in Bali, still, is between May and October, when the weather is dry and warm and the waves are at their best.

When scouting for the best surfing break locations, we recommend to pick from among these destinations – Bali, Jave, Sumatra, Mentawais or Telos. If you can’t decide, check out


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