Pimping up your car

Modifying a car to a ‘showroom’ status is not just about a change of its external parts but also an improvement of its internal fragments. Consider an upgrade of its engine by inputting a manual boost controller for a better performance. Enhancing the exterior and interior parts makes a complete package. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned guy, for sure, the idea of a boost controller is always a common recommendation.

doneupcarmodThere are actually numerous things that you can do to build a show car. What’s important is that you have a theme to follow and a good budget to spend. Car enthusiasts know that car modification requires a lot of spending because automobile parts and accessories are quite an expense. Thus, you have to be ready for this.

Today’s car technology is considered cutting-edge because the entry of computers makes alterations, revisions and adjustments more accurate. Apart from manual boost controller input, here are other examples of car modifications and how they make a car perform like that of a ‘show car’.

Enhancement of the internal-combustion engine

The internal-combustion engine can receive relatively cool air through the installation of cold air intake systems. This is actually an aftermarket assembly part that functions as a machine blowing cold air towards the engine when the temperature is warm. Most cars manufactured during the mid-1970s are equipped with thermostatic air intake systems. These function as a temperature regulator making the engine warm when it is cold and vice versa. In effect, fuel economy, efficiency and maximum performance are achieved. The objective of a cold air intake is to provide cooler air with higher density. This mechanism carries more oxygen volume as compared to ordinary air. Therefore, cooling the engine is high-speed.

Suspension upgrade

Car fanatics would always say that the suspension is of utmost importance in order for a car to boot. These are powerful springs found right above the wheel that can either raise or lower down a car. To achieve excellent performance, coilover suspension kit should be used. This kit comes with a coilover springs and shocks. The best thing about this set-up is that they can be adjusted according to best fit and handling.  Nowadays, coilover kits come with built-in camber kits.

With a manual boost controller that takes charge in controlling the boost level production in a supercharged or turbocharged engine plus an excellent coilover spring for a lowered appearance and a cold air intake system for engine temperature control, a show car is just about to hit the road. For additional alterations, grab some advice from car show specialists.

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