Modern tropical Villa with swimming pool and celebration decoration

Make Your Vacation Memorable By Staying at Luxury Villas in Bali

Vacation time is supposed to be memorable. That’s why you should rent out one of many luxury Bali villas if you plan to stay on the island. Instead of struggling with your limited room and sharing accommodations with other tourists, you get to spend your time the way that you want.

A lot of people hesitate about staying at luxury Bali villas. The main obstacle that many people have is the expense. However, the truth is the prices are comparable to budget you have staying in a hotel.

Modern tropical Villa with swimming pool and celebration decorationWhen people compare prices they just look at the rooms and not the additional things. A stay in the hotel will have you buying “extras” and tempted to shell out many for perks at an additional mark-up – things that you can get for free or cheaper while staying at a villa. There are a couple other advantages to staying at luxury Bali villas.


The first thing you’ll notice about staying at a Bali luxury villa is that you and your group are the only ones there. A lot of villas can handle up to eight people. This means that a small family or a group of friends can rent one out. When you rent a villa you get to enjoy all of its amenities without having to wait for other people.

For example, there’s no need to worry about the pool being full or the restaurant being without tables. Your villa is dedicated totally to you and your group. It will actually feel like you’re staying at a home away from home.

As for the amenities themselves, Bali holiday villas have a solid range of them. Starting with spacious bedrooms to private pools, you can pick and choose what you want to have. A lot of listings can tell you what each villa can offer so you can be selective about your choice. Need WiFi? That’s no problem. Want a giant TV? Easy.

It also helps that the villa staff can give you their full attention. No more clamoring for attention from overworked concierges or receptionists. You can even drop by the kitchen and make a special request without jumping through hoops.

Sign Up Early

If you want to rent villas in Bali, better start looking for it early. Vacation season will often have these villas reserved for months on end. Start searching and reserving at least six months before your trip so that you can be assured of your luxury villa vacation.

Have a luxurious vacation in Bali with villa accommodation.

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