Laser Clinics for Skin Treatments

There are a lot of ways of treating skin problems including laser treatments. However, only professional and special laser clinics can offer the best laser treatments for a particular skin problem like tattoo removal. Here are some of them.

Laser clinics for hair removal

mensskintreatmentHair removal is part of women’s beauty routine. Today’s women are luckier to have an option for a permanent hair removal and the best recommendation comes from laser hair removal clinics. These laser hair removal clinics offer two variations such as Laser/pulsed light and electrolysis. Like tattoo removal, laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure and have lesser side effects. Doctors recommend Laser/Pulse Light hair removal for women with dark or light skin and on almost anywhere on the body. Electrolysis on the other hand is a type of laser hair removal recommended by doctors for those women with blonde hair or white skin. It works best for small areas like chin and upper lip.

Laser skin resurfacing clinics

Laser resurfacing is a treatment intended to reduce or to get rid of ugly skin scars usually caused by acne. One of the best treatments is using directly short and pulsating beams of light known as laser. Unlike tattoo removal, techniques are more invasive. Variations of these laser skin resurfacing are CO2 laser resurfacing and Erbium laser resurfacing. Doctors recommend CO2 laser resurfacing for reducing wrinkles, warts, scars and enlarged oil glands on nose. On the other hand, doctors recommend Erbium laser resurfacing in reducing lines or wrinkles on face, neck, hands and chest and on moderately deep scars.

Laser skin rejuvenation clinics

Laser rejuvenation clinics offer skin treatments using photo rejuvenation technique with the help of laser of light lamps. This procedure involves inducing controlled wounds on the skin and let them heal themselves. This process is recommended by doctors to create new cells to reverse signs of photoaging or skin damage caused by extreme exposure to sunlight including fine wrinkles, skin roughness, mottling and skin pigmentation and in reducing its damage appearance. Laser skin rejuvenation clinics specialize in getting rid of the age spots, liver spots or solar lentigo on hands, arms, face and at the back for male patients. Laser rejuvenation process is likely to produce long-term results but with repeated treatments.

Laser treatment for skin problems are significantly effective and with modern approach, this technology has proven to produce long-term results and with lesser side effects.  However, doctors warn and recommend going only to professional and specialized laser clinics in order to get its full benefits.

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