Getting and Staying Active

Staying active as you get older can be difficult. There are so many things that can get in the way of good intentions. It can be tough for men to stay physically fit when they have so much on their plate like work, school, family, and friends can easily become a distraction leaving you with no time available. As a result, good intentions go to the wayside while you are left feeling sluggish and overweight. One way to stay in shape is by getting involved in sports. Sports are no longer for kids and teens in school. There are sporting leagues for every age group allowing you to join something that you enjoy while getting fit in the meantime. Here are some of the top man sports available for you to participate in.


basketballRecreation centers all over the country offer basketball leagues available for men of all ages. If it is something you have a passion for, basketball can be a great way to trim down and provide you some cardio in your routine. There are leagues available throughout the week so you can find one that works within your schedule. Some leagues are rather big and have several men on a team, while others just have a few men on each team. Your options are endless.


If chasing a ball around a court sounds like fun, then you will love playing tennis. The best part is that you don’t need a team in order to play. All you need to do is find an opponent and you are on your way. You can get your partner, child, or friend to play along with you. No matter what your skill level is, you can get a great workout just by playing tennis for an hour. This is a good way to stay in shape and get your cardio in throughout the week.


Just like tennis and basketball, you are going to get in some great cardio when you choose to play racquetball. One difference though is that you don’t have to have an opponent. This makes it easier to schedule time to play. You can easily hit the ball off the walls using the wall as your opponent.


One of the biggest trends in men’s sports is Crossfit. Some may consider it just a fitness regimen, but you can participate in competitions and teamwork. Crossfit is designed to help people tone their bodies and get in great shape. There are Crossfit boxes all over the country to sign up for.

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