Eat, Train and Focus: The Work You Need to Do to Get a Great Six Pack

6-packWe all know that you would look great with a six pack. This coveted aspect of the male physique is the subject of so much discussion in the fields of health and fitness. With so much contradictory advice, we have decided to provide you with this handy guide to improving abs. This simple and useful article will provide you with an essential guide to diet, workout options, and motivational tactics to ensure that you get the six pack of your dreams.

Diet is such an important part of men’s fitness. A balanced diet of healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, protein and carbs are all necessary to ensure that you have the energy, steady blood sugar levels, and building blocks needed to sculpt that six pack. Steer clear of the saturated fats you find in processed items like iced donuts, mass produced burgers and gooey ice cream sundaes. By all means keep these items as a special treat on rare occasions, but on an everyday basis fill up instead on lean meats and proteins like good quality chicken and tofu. Get your minerals from lentils, bananas, and broccoli, and chow down on a few eggs in the morning to give you the proteins and amino acids that you need to lay down those huge chest muscles. And, throughout the day, drink plenty of water. Water will flush out toxins, and (paradoxical though it may seem) help you to lose excess water weight that bloats you. Around 3 to 4 liters of water is generally recommended.

The second essential component to getting that great six pack is working out. Weight lifting, pressups, and bench presses are all fantastic core exercises to do to build that six pack. But sports like climbing can be equally as good, and a good option if you find them more enjoyable. Join a gym so you can use state of the art equipment, and hire a personal trainer if you feel that that would help you to work out the best six pack regime for you.

Finally, stay motivated! As you work towards those six pack abs, remind yourself of how great you are doing. Keep a photo diary to see how far you come week by week. Get a gym buddy so that you can motivate each other. Give yourself little treats when you reach those small goals in your six pack journey – go out to watch a movie, or reward yourself with a trip to that museum you had always wanted to visit. Stay positive, and cultivate and focus your mind: this is so important for fitness.

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