Oil Workers at Work

Drilling Experts in Australia – The Industry of Today and of the Future

The drilling industry in Australia is proud advocate of environment and health safety and in maintaining all areas the safest, healthiest work environment while serving their customer and industry as well. Drilling companies in Australia are proud member of drilling associations that act as the voice and representation of Australia’s drilling and explorations where geotechnical drilling Sydney is a proud member. Qualified members are drilling experts and companies that provide wide range of drilling products and services to different industry such as gas and oil exploration, constructions and mining, and through which members are enable to function and provide services safely, sustainably while being profitable and in maximizing the returns to the Australian industry and community.

Drilling companies health, safety and environment policy

Oil Workers at WorkAustralia’s energy production has increased particularly in Queensland and Victoria. The two Australian States remain to be the largest gas producers of natural gas and coal seam gas, and that drilling companies such as geotechnical drilling Sydney is supporting gas explorations and drillings by providing drilling works and technical supports including the right fleets based on geography, environmental conditions and water depth. Implementing the industry’s HSE policy enables drilling and gas explorations and the people working in the operation to be in an accident-free workplace at all times and anywhere. Part of the HSE policy of a site investigation drilling is monitoring and maintaining barrier integrity in order to prevent major accidents. Included in the safety policy is planning all works, identification of hazards and management of possible risks. Reporting and responding to all incidents as well as implementing of safety measurements are also conducted.

Drilling industry HSE commitments

Drilling experts with the likes of geotechnical drilling Sydney don’t just make HSE policy but commit themselves in delivering safe and efficient offshore drilling solutions. Part of the commitments is optimizing performance through operational discipline. It means people in the operation such as in a geotechnical drilling are compliance with safety and training certifications and complying with drilling culture. Also part of the commitment is ensuring a trained, competent, and goal-driven work force. Drilling experts and companies such as site investigation drilling Sydney are also committed in conducting reviews and improvements in all aspects of the drilling business as well as the work force.

Drilling experts and companies in Australia have initiated an advocacy of Drill Safe. It features sharing safety resources among members of the industry. It aims of creating safer work environment for their colleagues, and related industries, updating members on current drilling safety and encouraging members to a proactive safety culture not only in Australian continent but also throughout the world. The advocacy makes drilling industry an important industry not only of today but also of the future.

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