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4 Essentials to Prep Your Car for Amateur Racing

The need for speed is in everyone’s veins but only a few have the courage to actually go over 160 in a racetrack. You don’t need a hot Ferrari or Porsche to do this. You could actually use your own car for amateur racing as long as you follow the minimal safety requirements including a…


Car Safety Maintenance Guide

It won’t really matter if you’re the best driver in the world if your vehicle is not in optimum condition. A car deserves a good driver, but it equally needs some safety maintenance, too. Yes, you may already have some fancy load levelling airbags, anti-roll mechanisms, and ABS brakes. But you still have to understand…


Pimping up your car

Modifying a car to a ‘showroom’ status is not just about a change of its external parts but also an improvement of its internal fragments. Consider an upgrade of its engine by inputting a manual boost controller for a better performance. Enhancing the exterior and interior parts makes a complete package. Whether you are a…

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