Car Safety Maintenance Guide

It won’t really matter if you’re the best driver in the world if your vehicle is not in optimum condition. A car deserves a good driver, but it equally needs some safety maintenance, too. Yes, you may already have some fancy load levelling airbags, anti-roll mechanisms, and ABS brakes. But you still have to understand that when it comes to maintenance, it’s not just about the car’s performance, but also its level of safety.

So the question now is which parts of the car should be ideally maintained in order to secure it is safe?

In essence, every part of the car’s mechanical system needs to be maintained. This is because if they’re not, then it will affect not just the fuel efficiency and performance of the car, but also its level of safety.

But aside from the mechanical system, you also need to take a closer look at the “other” components that may only play a minor role, but still make you and your passenger comfortably safe inside. Of course, this list doesn’t include your 4 wheel drive airbags because they’re place in there not to be tweaked or manipulated in any way.

1 – Lights

carsafetymaintenanceAlways be sure that all your lights are working and that the lenses are clean. Part of your maintenance inspection is to check the headlights and taillights, interior lights, and directional lights.

2 – Windshield

Part of a comprehensive car safety maintenance check is looking over the windshield. A typical windshield is made out of laminated safety glass. It is designed to reduce the transmission sound and block about 97% of UV radiation. If your car has tinted windows, you have to check with your local traffic or law enforcement authority to find out if the tint is in compliance with the sun-shading specifications of your locality or city. Keep the windshield clean inside and out. Since it is exposed to the outside environment, it easily gathers dirt and dust, both on the outside and inside. If you don’t clean it regularly, your visibility will be significantly affected.

3 – Tires

Tires are very crucial components of your car’s safety. Therefore, they also should be maintained properly. You don’t want to end up using those load levelling airbags of yours built in your vehicle just because one of the tires suddenly blew and you’re going downhill. They’re basically designed to grip the road and provide you with directional control. When they are excessively worn or improperly inflated, your safety becomes at risk. Contact your tire dealer to determine if your tires need to be replaced, inflated, or rotated.

You see, your 4 wheel drive airbags aren’t the only things that will give you protection when you’re in your car. Even the little components have their share of responsibility for keeping you safe all the time. However, unlike airbags, you need to maintain them so that you get the guarantee of a safe travel all the time.

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