Befriend Your Heart

The heart is the center of our whole body system and is the one making sure that blood runs to all the parts of our body thus ensuring the continuity of life of a person. Whatever happens to the heart, it determines whether he will make it or pass this world. So, it is very important for all of us that we take utmost care for our heart and do some heart check to keep it running at its best.

All about the heart

The heart is basically a muscle that contracts to make sure that blood, with oxygen from the air we breathe in is pumped to all parts of the body. The heart has four chambers – the left and right atrium, and the left and right ventricle. All these chambers work together to keep blood running in and out of the heart to get some oxygen. When something goes wrong with anything that goes in or out to the heart, this necessitates a heart check before it comes worse.

Get rid of heart ailments

heartissuesOne common issue of the heart is heart attack that occurs whenever there is blockage in the veins. This happens especially to those who have history of stroke. Another is angina that causes pain due to tightness on the chest-part. It constitutes a squeezing feeling that is similar with indigestion.

Further, congenital heart diseases are defects that are already present at birth. These heart problems occur while the fetus is undergoing development in the mother’s womb. These abnormalities might cause fatigue, shortness of breath, bluish skin, rapid heartbeat, and swelling in the abdomen and eyes.

Congestive heart failure is more common to the elderly. This occurs when the heart can no longer pump blood to the rest of the body like it should thus losing this sort of pumping capacity. This aftermath is resulted by heart attack, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer treatments, diabetes, and other heart issues. Symptoms are weight gain, swelling, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

Another is coronary heart disease or atherosclerosis and is a leading cause of death in many countries.

Go healthy

One sure key to taking care of your one and only heart is to stay healthy and get a heart check. One must eat right kinds of food and must take note of the amount of intake. We should remember that whatever is too scarce is bad, and whatever that is excessive is bad as well. And if you’re encountering conditions or episodes of pain in the chest, consult a heart clinic Sydney to know your present condition and for you to know as well the things must be done to prevent another occurrence of heart ailment.

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