5 Wild Suggestions for a Wild Birthday Celebration

Sometimes it feels good to get loose and have a wild birthday celebration for friends and family members. The first thing to come in mind is to have strippers and hire strippers Gold Coast if you’re living within or nearby Gold Coast. If you’re still looking for bright ideas, here are some suggestions that will allow you to celebrate birthdays in unusual and wild ways.

1. Cowboy party with rodeo

Depositphotos_22512067_s-2015Let the cowboy in you go wild and celebrate your birthday with cowboy party with rodeo. To get wider, hire strippers from strippers Gold Coast and let the rodeo ride get hotter and sexier. You can rent a rodeo rider machine or improvise one. Start the fun by having your male friends compete against each other. Your female strippers can add more fun by guiding the participants to get loose on the rodeo machine.

2. Go wild in a Wild West Saloon party

Arrange with a local bar and decorate the area as a Wild West Saloon.  Strippers from Strippers Gold Coast can act as Wild West bar girls, and serve the boys with mugs of cold beers and give them some Wild West dance for entertainment. Ask your guests to come in Wild West costumes complete with toy guns and pistols. Get groovy with Wild West music to dance away your birthday celebration. Spice up your invitation cards with a “wanted poster” with you as Public Enemy #1.

3. Mean Girls party

Ask your female friends to dress like the “Mean Girls” and throw them a “Mean Girls” party complete with male strippers. Let the girls enjoy cocktails spiced with liquors, enjoy little smokes and hold a talk and demonstration on sex toys. But, remember not to go on extremes and let everything be just for fun.

4. Bad Guys party

Ask your friends to dress as bad guys and hire female strippers Gold Coast as sexy policewomen. Get ready with a box of handcuffs for the sexy policewomen in arresting the bad guys and for taking them away for some exotic rendezvous on the floor. Use your imagination in adding more fun and excitement especially on arresting time of the bad guys.

5. Go wild with beach party

It should be a night out in the beach with lots of beers and wild activities like water hockey, volleyball, etc. It can be all-boys or mix with stripper guests or with girlfriends. Have ready camp tents for sleeping after the party.

Celebrating birthdays with cakes and balloons can be boring over time and creating wild celebration to  kick off the boredom and make celebration more fun, unique and a lifetime memories.


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