4 Essentials to Prep Your Car for Amateur Racing

The need for speed is in everyone’s veins but only a few have the courage to actually go over 160 in a racetrack. You don’t need a hot Ferrari or Porsche to do this. You could actually use your own car for amateur racing as long as you follow the minimal safety requirements including a good suspension set-up and proper wheel alignment.

Here is a listing of everything that you may need for the race you’ll be joining and why these are very important to take note of:

Ride Height

setupracingThe lower the ride height is, the better it will be. This is because it provides a lower center of gravity, preventing the car from pitching and rolling too much. But, the best reason for this is because of aerodynamics. Because the clearance under the car is low, the air flowing through it is more dynamic than the one on traveling on top. This helps speed up the car.

Corner Balance

Closely related to the ride height is the corner weight because if you lowered your vehicle too much without taking the latter into consideration, steering may be a huge problem for you. There is a right way of computing the weight of your racecar, setting cross weight and static weight distribution. Take note of all these so that you’d get the right corner balance of your vehicle

Wheel Alignment

Also referred to as camber, wheel alignment is one of the most important elements of safe sports racing vehicle. When one is flying around the curb, tire grip and stability is needed. This can be done safely if the wheel is aligned well. You can do the checking on your own, if you have the time. Just drive your vehicle to a level piece of land and do the quick-toe checking technique.

Suspension Set-Up

Suspension set-up covers the whole thing – harnessing the engine’s power, the aerodynamics mentioned earlier and even the tire’s grips. Before you get a new set-up that would probably cost you a whole lot of money, check if you can still use the existing one. Check the un-sprung weight, Uprights or Knuckles, Cambers, and so on.

Some people just go to the nearest car shop and leave the mechanic to work on their car to prep it for racing. While doing this would be less hassle for you, it would be better if you will be part of the process from start to finish. This is the only way for you to be sure that the suspension setup and all the other essentials were worked on perfectly.

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